Natural stone fireplaces are aesthetic, durability, eco-friendly, heat-resistant, and add value that can greatly enhance any home’s design aesthetic. The Stone fireplace not only makes your space feel warm and extremely comfortable but also can make the whole family gather too.

The Granite is one of the most durable on the market and is very easy to keep clean. It is also heat resistant and a popular choice for wood-burning fireplaces.

The Marble gives a modern, bright, and sleek look to your fireplace. However, marble does require more maintenance than most natural stone. If it is properly cared for, marble can last a long time. It can be used for any type of fireplace and can become a focal point in the living room. Similar to granite, it can either be polished or left unpolished.

The Travertine is a very flexible stone and can be installed as stacked bricks for a more Architecture look. It can also be carved for an older look. Travertine wears like marble which makes it extra sensitive to stains and scratches. It should also only be used on electric and gas fireplaces.

The Decorative stones are cost-effective and incredibly easy to install. In addition to that, they bring beauty to your place with natural stone colors that vary naturally, which is what makes it an authentic material.