Beno Stone, is one of the leading natural stones manufacturers with high-quality building stones such as Marble, Granite, Travertine, Decorative, and Onyx in different sizes and colors. Since its origins in 2012, the company has grown progressively and has expanded with great force in the market, becoming a clear reference in the field of the high quality of natural stones.

We do more than offering natural stones, we have new machines and technologies like CNC stone and Waterjet cutting machines to produce staircase, table, chair, staff for the kitchen and bathroom, fireplace, and what you need with stone.

Beno Stone offers you the largest choice of all kinds of natural constructive and decorative stones from different countries. For example, Persian natural stones are among the highest-quality products with its beautiful natural stones, amazing history, and world-renowned art.

Beno Stone’s team is entirely qualified and experienced in space planning, architectural detailing and interior design, always ready to guide you from design concept to project completion.